About the Expressway

For nearly 20 years, Taney County officials and local rural communities have collaborated about the possibility of constructing a transportation corridor that would meet the safety goals and provide the sustainable economic impacts, lifestyle efficiencies, and other benefits for the residents and transients encompassing more than a 31-square mile area of rural Taney County.

The proposed Taney County Expressway connects Coon Creek Road at Route BB and travels west to Industrial Park Drive and Birch Street and then to Highway 65. The proposed Expressway provides a solution that fits the vision of the communities involved and the goals of the BUILD Grant. 

This project meets the safety goals and provides the sustainable economic impacts and lifestyle efficiencies and benefits that every community development plan strives to achieve. The grant, in combination with Taney County road and bridge funds can make past efforts and future possibilities a reality by 2025.


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