A 20-year Benefit – Cost Analysis was performed for the New Taney County Expressway project, including recently completed improvements to Coon Creek Road between Highway 76 and Route BB in Taney County, Missouri. The benefits analyzed included Economic Competitiveness (the economic value of drive miles saved and drive time saved), Safety (economic value of accident reductions), Environmental Sustainability (economic value of emissions reductions including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Nitrous Oxides (NOx), Particulate Matter (PM), and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), and the residual value of the improvements after the 20-year planning period. The costs analyzed included the initial capital costs of construction of the new Expressway (including right-of-way and design costs) and the costs for the recently completed improvements to Coon Creek Road (new three-span bridge over Coon Creek and horizontal improvements to the roadway). Each of the above noted Benefits and Costs were discounted at a 7% rate to determine the value in 2017 dollars in accordance with the Federal Guidelines.

The total discounted benefits were determined to be $ 78,063,956 ($2017) and the total costs were determined to be $ 24,056,302 ($2017) for a

Benefit / Cost Ratio = 3.2

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