Annual Savings

Currently, there are approximately 19,000 cars per day at the Taneycomo bridge intersection that originated from East Missouri Highway 76, one of the only access points from the east side of the county to the west side. Over the next five years that number is estimated to increase to 25,000 cars per day. The other cross county road, Coon Creek Road, has over 2,800 cars per day cutting over to Missouri Highway BB from East Missouri Highway 76 at speeds more than 55 miles per hour. This road was built to safely handle 500 cars per day at 35 miles per hour. Without the Taney County Expressway, traffic on Coon Creek Road is expected to swell to over 5,000 cars per day.

Currently, there are 7,000 cars per day traveling from the eastern County area on East Missouri Highway 76 to the Hollister/US 65 Interchange. The average commute time is nearly 11 minutes and the distance is 6.2 miles to travel from the Kirbyville area to the US 65 corridor. Once the Taney County Expressway is in place, that same destination will be only 4.5 miles of driving, reducing the drive time for over 12,000 commuters during peak hours to under 7.5 minutes. This equates to an annual time savings of over 77,000 hours per year.

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20-Year Savings

Building the Taney County Expressway will save workforce commuters nearly three million dollars annually. By eliminating 3 miles of driving every day, commuters will eliminate over 2.8 million miles annually. Using the industry standard of $0.39 per mile for passenger vehicle operational costs and $0.90 per mile for tractor-trailer operation costs, the savings add up to over $1 million dollars annually. This is significant in a County identified as being economically disadvantaged. Over a twenty-year period, this adds up to $24.5 million in savings to the traveling public.

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