Strategically positioned within a day's drive of over one-half of the total United States households, the Taney County tourism industry draws from a large market area. The terrain that provides the natural beauty and aesthetics and drives the area's tourism industry also serves as a major hindrance to the economic growth and competitiveness of the region.

The Taney County Expressway corridor offers commercial, professional, and industrial businesses the opportunity to capitalize on the region's nationally centralized location with a complete road network, along with high-profile exposure, and an educated work force. The Taney County Expressway connects directly to US Highway 65 then north to I-44 and south to Interstate 40 in Arkansas.

One-Day Travel
Development Opportunities - graphic only

The Taney County Expressway presents the opportunity to strengthen and diversify the County’s existing tourism economy and to create more consistent year-round employment opportunities.  Taking advantage of prime location, developable topography, and available workforce, creating commercial, professional, and industrial development opportunities will help to spur more year-round employment and draw younger residents to the county.  Furthermore, the new developments will help to sustain this economy.  Integrating sidewalks, bicycle lanes, transit amenities, and safe crossings into the initial design of the project spares the expense of retrofits later.  As the area becomes more attractive and balanced, land values will increase.  Adjacent land values could increase by as little as 30% to more than 100%.

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The Taney County Expressway corridor already has the infrastructure resources necessary to accommodate the development that the construction of a key corridor will encourage.  Land for housing, commercial, and industrial development lies adjacent to the corridor.  Moreover, sanitary sewer, water and other major utilities are already in place.

The Taney County Expressway offers numerous economic opportunities that benefit the residents of Taney County, including:

    • 25% reduction in commute time each day
    • 2,827,762 miles saved each year
    • Over 3,000 acres of new residential and commercial property to develop along the Corridor
    • The direct savings, to commuters alone, will exceed three times the total initial investment in the Expressway
    • Intermodal connectivity through bicycle and pedestrian facilities
    • Reduced vehicular wear and maintenance costs
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The area has two airports, Branson Airport, a national commercial airport, and Taney County Airport, M. Graham Clark Field, a regional corporate and recreational airport.  Both facilities are within minutes of the proposed road corridor and would serve residents and businesses well. The Taney County Expressway will intersect an existing railroad (Missouri Northern Arkansas Railroad).  This will provide a unique opportunity for industrial development potential by providing a connection between the rail system and the roadway system. The additional opportunities that have the potential to develop include growth in the technology and professional fields.  This opportunity presents itself in the aspect of the focus on educational growth by providing higher education in College of the Ozarks and potentially a new Ozarks Technical Community College.

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