The Taney County Expressway Team has documented the many benefits of the proposed connection to the US 65 Highway Corridor from central and eastern Taney County. The following summarizes just a few of the Taney County efforts and the benefits this proposed transportation project will bring to the citizens of Taney County and the region.

Safety Improvements

One of the most important components of any roadway design is the improvement of passenger, driver, pedestrian, and worker safety. Once the new Taney County Expressway is built with modern safety features incorporated into the design and construction, the accident rate for each road segment could be reduced by between 33% and 34%.

Economic Opportunities

The Taney County Expressway corridor offers commercial, professional and industrial businesses the opportunity to capitalize on the region’s nationally centralized location with a complete road network, along with high-profile exposure, and an educated work force.

Capacity Improvements

Once the Taney County Expressway is in place, traveling from Kirbyville to US 65 will be only 4.5 miles of driving, reducing the drive time for over 12,000 commuters during peak hours to under 7.5 minutes. This equates to an annual time savings of over 77,000 hours per year.

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